Our Strengths

We believe that we have the following competitive strengths:

Established Reputation as a Supplier of Quality Seafood Products

With an operating history of more than 30 years, we are an established frozen seafood supplier with a strong and diversified customer base across various international markets.

Global Revenue Base with a Growing Presence in the US Market

Our products are principally packaged and sold under the end-customers’ brands, and are marketed by our customers through various distribution channels to retail chains, stores, restaurants and food service distributors across North America, Europe and Asia.

Experienced Promoters and Management Team

Our Promoter, Chairman and Managing Director, namely Dr. K.V. Prasad, has been associated with the Company since its incorporation in 1987, and has played a significant role in the development of our business. Further, two of our other Promoters, namely Mr. K. Anand Kumar and Mr. K. Arun Kumar, are Whole Time Directors on our Board, and have been intrinsically involved in our business operations for more than a decade each.

Strategically Located Processing Facilities with Modern Equipment

Expenditure associated with logistics is one of the key expenses in the frozen seafood industry. Generally, margins are inversely proportional to distance of a processing facility from procurement and shipping networks. We believe that our processing facilities provide us with a significant locational advantage.

Strong Procurement Network

Raw shrimp is the key raw material for our processing operations, and the continued and sustained availability of quality raw material at competitive prices is essential to the growth of our business. Andhra Pradesh dominates in shrimp production in India with 60.34% share in the total production, and was followed by West Bengal (14.58%), Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry (9.17%), Gujarat (7.13%), Orissa (6.02%) and Maharashtra (1.63%).

Track Record of Robust Financial Performance and Profitability

Our focus on operational efficiency has contributed to our track record of robust financial performance and profitability.