About Sandhya Marines

Sandhya Marines Ltd. was formed in July 1987, by Dr. K. V. Prasad (Managing Director). It is a family run business and both his sons Mr. K. Anand Kumar & Mr. K. Arun Kumar are now working Directors of the company.

Sandhya Marines Ltd. is now one of the largest exporters of cultured shrimp from India. The company has been formed mainly to carryout all kinds of activities in the fishing industry, especially in inland and deep-sea fishing, aquaculture, fish processing and exporting. At present, the main focus is on aquaculture, processing and exporting of shrimp products in all forms to all major markets. The company is presently engaged in exporting value added products to countries like U.S.A., E.U., Canada, Saudi Arabia, U.A.E., Korea, China, South Africa, Vietnam etc.

The company maintains sustainable and consistent quality, substantial credibility and Innovative value added services to its clients. It has introduced its own brands like “Hikari Special”, “Galaxy” and “Sandhya Special” which are reputable brands in the shrimp industry in many countries all over the world. The company has its own processing facilities, farms and hatchery there by making it a fully integrated seafood company. The processing facilities are ideally located very close to the aquaculture farms and raw material arrives to factory in two to three hours most of the time.

Sandhya Marines Ltd. exports Vannamei and Black Tiger Shrimps in various product forms like Raw and Cooked, especially PD Tail-on & PD Tail-Off, Butterfly, Easy Peel, Head-on & Head Less Shell On in Block and IQF packs to various countries of the world.


To reach out the discerning global markets with international standards of quality and freshness and to become the preferred source of customer delight in the sphere of seafoods.

A Quality Catch

The world of sea food lovers trust Sandhya Marines to source and deliver the very best in quality and healthy seafood. Our quality processing, organised storing and reliable transportation ensure freshness and taste.The products of Sandhya are second to none.